Awakening of The Princess

oldig awakening of the princess

Imagine how beauty your girl wake up beside you on your bed. It’s obviously.. Magnificent..

Correction Tape MR2 A4 Design Plus Corp, Japan.

Recently, I have a project done. Project to designing a A4 page to the great product of Correction Tape. It it. Correction Tape MR2.


Correction Tape MR2 with colorful choices.


Refillable Tape. It’s 6 m Length!


Easy in hand.

This project takes a week at the beginning of 2016. I remember when I submit the Proposal Project, when the night of new year, 12-31-2015. Peoples in outside of my building are celebrate for the fireworks and yelling and screaming while heads up on the lighting sky at night, I was on my laptop uploading my proposal projects. It’s little fun and, yeah. Solitude.

When the basic design of my first proposal submitted, I put this idea to my client. And they like. I realize this have to take at least two options to make them fascinated.

Correction Tape MR2 A4 Design Ver 1

Correction Tape MR2 A4 Design Ver 2

The project progressing really fun and my client such a quick respond. Email and taking editing of my tools is the media. And after change request one by one and step by step, We deal with my final design.

Correction Tape MR2 A4 Design Ver. 9 [REQUEST]

Great job this time. Hope sometime would be continued.

For further information of the product, please visit Pluss Corp

An Ancient Macro World

oldig an ancient macro world

Since there’s a Internet, our World becomes small. Everything could seen just on the frame. What a….

Sassy Hazel In The Summer

oldig a sassy hazel in the summer

There’s nothing more calming than watching your lovely one take a breath in your side.

Manggala Junction Project Design (CANCELED)

So, here I back.

Damn, it’s been loooooong time I’m not touch my page here. Just busy and get mad with some coincide job and those makes me busy like a dad in the real world. Okay, pardon what I say. -_-

Ah yeah!! Happy New Year 2016 Every Body. This article I submitted when 31-12-2015 at 11.15 PM. Wohooo!!!

A few month ago, I just contacted by one of the big Developer who build the great building like a Hotels and Apartments. I asked to make their brochure design, billboard, flyers. It was an happy feeling, you know. Well, after several month not get a right job of clients, finally…

Here’s the sample I make to them. But it’s not like they want, and they need asked make some overhaul of my concept design. Well, I made it.

sample copy

It’s 3 fold concept brochure design with every page has it’s different design.

1 rgb copy

1. Sampul Depan

3 copy


It’s done and they want some overhaul but still maintain my 3 fold concept brochure. Well, I make it.

Konsep 3 Fold


with the design on each page.

1. Cover

2. Halaman Belakang Cover

3. Halaman Tengah Depan (With Border)

3. Halaman Tengah Depan

4. Halaman Belakang Halaman Depan

5. Halaman Belakang Halaman Tengah

6. Halaman Penutup


After it’s all done, It’s canceled by the Developer. I don’t know why but it’s quietly pain, you know. I just think maybe my concept or my design too much for them, too much take some tone of colors.

Well, other time when have a design project, you have to combine with your marketing team clients so your draw on page could be united with their job. Do you get what I mean? I’m not. Hahahahaha…..


Okay people, have a great day. Happy New Year 2016!!! Hope 2016 would be nice for us. Wohho!!!



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