The Silent Killer



Another inspiration based from “Legend Of The Guardian” Movies.. :happybounce:

Check this for see the stock images..

The Shinobi Shadow



Shinobi.. The black ninja with the misterious clan.. There some rumors, they still exist in this moderb age..

If you wanna see the stock i used, please check on this.

The Archer Of The South

oldig the archer of the south

Believe me, behind the great man there was a more great women.. ^^

If you wanna check the stock, visit this

Reach The Unrechable





Another desperate..


You can find the credit stock in here.. [Link]

The Show Is Over Dude

[2013] november, the show is over dude

What you see is over, right now!!

You van find the credit stock images on here.

Nazgul, The Dark Prince

oldig nazgul, the dark prince


Just trying redraw The Nazgul character from LORT movies.. He’s so dark.. And i think, he’s cool with his horse..

If you wanna know more about this lovely pieces, please visit this

Light Of Dance



Light of dance.. Light of the street..

If you wanna know more about this piece, you can visit this.

Legend Of The Guardian

oldig legend of the guardian

I’ve been watching Legend Of The Guardian Movie, and get inpiration of it.. :happybounce:

If you wanna know more bout the credit stcok i’ve used, please visit this


Lady In The Path Of The Moon

oldig lady in the path of the moon

Lady In The Path Of The Moon.. It’s all about dreaming..


Fighting Of The Silent Night

oldig fighting of the silent night

Fighting between man and the ravel.. Bad ravel..

Many thanks for the stock..
Model Link
Arrow and it’s Case Link
Raven Link
Landscape Link
Hill of Rock Link
Thanks a lot for the stocks.. You are awesome guys!!  :hug:
This piece you can find :

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